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Ali Amini

Ali Amini

Principal Partner,Construction Manager and Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Everglades University, FL: BS in Aeronautical Science
  • Licensed North Carolina General Contractor (Unlimited)
  • Outer Banks Home Builders Association, Legislative Member
Email: Phone: 252-573-8910 Location: Kill Devil Hills, NC

After serving four years in the U.S. Navy, Ali Amini relocated to the Outer Banks to become a principal partner with SAGA Construction. As the Construction Manager, he uses his work experience, discipline and organization skills to oversee our Outer Banks construction projects. Ali’s primary objectives are accurate job estimates, strict budgetary controls and effective job scheduling. Our clients benefit from a three-tier management structure to ensure the construction of high quality homes with a timely home delivery schedule. For the past two years, Ali has been an assistant soccer coach and sponsor of a local co-ed middle school soccer team. Time spent at home includes gourmet cooking, music, reading and movies.

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Open web floor Joists- Trusses

The precision of a spider’s web is a true work of art and the exactness of open web trusses are an architect, engineer and contractor’s dream come true. Truss systems require pre-planning and take months to design and construct. Built within a controlled environment, these systems are unaffected by the elements and are therefore perfect in form. The layouts, profiles and precision cuts are exact, minimizing waste. No more counting joists to ensure quantities ordered have been delivered. Engineered trusses arrive with a level of precision and quality that cannot be predetermined with conventional lumber. The contractor is assured of production costs, quality and delivery - eliminating potential surprises and delays.

Traditional hand-cut (sawn lumber) assembled on site have many unknown variables. The trade-offs can be argued both ways by tradesmen, but it’s my opinion the main benefit of trusses is simple, better quality control standards. Additional costs associated with the design and purchase of truss systems is offset by the resulting reduction of labor costs.

Oct 03

Lights, Camera, Action!

This is the feeling local builders get this time of the year. Rehearsal materials have been compiled and completed. Tailors have threaded the last stitch. Make-up artists have applied the final dusting of foundation, and the perfect dimmer settings have been dialed to enhance lighting.

The curtain is lifted as attendees look on in silence. Bravo … the 19th Annual Outer Banks Parade of Homes has arrived!

Outer Banks19th Annual Parade of Homes

For the past 19 years, Outer Banks builders have built custom homes to showcase in the annual parade event. As the economy has faltered, many construction companies struggle to survive and to grow their business. This four event parade provides attendees the opportunity to see quality craftsmanship and to preview architectural design and upgraded products and materials. Now is the time for all our planning, client meetings, selections, coordination and marketing to pay off!

Marketing efforts start locally and expand throughout several eastern states to encourage participation. Ticket sales are sold at numerous locations and complimentary tickets are available through each builder. The Parade of Homes is very special to us all. Who can resist the opportunity to showcase our best efforts and enjoy a healthy competition amongst other builders? This is a friendly match and a time to

Every American family enjoys the luxury of hot water. We share the enjoyment of hot showers and baths, warm shaving water, warm laundry cycles and hot water for dishwasher cycles. Everyone knows the disappointment of taking a shower after a sibling who has indulged in a “Hollywood” shower. When it’s our turn, the hot water supply lasts about 1 minute. So, how do households maintain a continuous supply of hot water?

Tankless Water Heater

Coastal living has been cherished by all regions, both domestic and foreign. The thought of waking up and seeing just water is very attractive, and reading a book or magazine while gazing at the water is soothing to the soul. Enjoying a sunset with a companion, while watching the ebb and flow of the ocean, is like no other romantic experience. The best way to fully enjoy these experiences is a water view that is free from obstructions. For years windows and doors were simply not large enough, and this problem was compounded by new building codes requiring impact resistant glass.

Nana Doors by SAGA Construction


"We had a great experience with your company from the lending process throughout construction and best of all delivery was fast and ahead of schedule! We would highly recommend ICR-SAGA to our friends and family because we believe in your philosophy …"

"We purchased our SAGA built home after viewing many other new construction homes in our price range. We believe we were fortunate to have had the opportunity to purchase a SAGA built home and meet the many wonderful people …"

" One of the things we really admire about Saga Construction is the way in which your company handles the relationship with the client. We did not build a large home, yet your company treated us with tremendous respect and consideration the entire time. …"

" The economy of scale and quality SAGA puts into every one of their projects quantifies their incredible efficiency. This efficiency resulted in a less expensive house than I would have received from other builders I have dealt with in the past. …"

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